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Sunday, February 21, 2010

We Got Sprouts!

I'm so excited!  We've got sprouts! 
Our herb garden is actually growing, inside, in a salad bowl.... now how inventive is that?

We have dill, sage and cilantro coming up!  Now I have to admit, we are encouraging them some. We have a light that emulates sunshine in a hanging lamp that is close to them and they are tipping their little tops towards the light so we have to continually rotate the bowl.

The bell peppers on the window ledge haven't decided to poke their heads through the soil yet, but I guess it is still a little early for them to be sprouting. 

I was plowing through some things today and came across some seed packets that I am going to at least try to grow. The expiration date on the packages are over a year old, so we will see what happens.  There are packets of Forget Me Nots, Asters, Pumpkins and Sunflowers.  At least they were purchased at the local dollar store so if they don't produce no big investment lost.  I can easily go out and replace them.

My goal this year is to put in a really nice vegetable and herb garden as well as at least get the beginnings of a nice cottage garden growing.  There needs to be lots of pretty flowers out there instead of nothing but grass!  This is a large corner lot and has way to much grass to be mowed!

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