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Monday, September 28, 2009

Disappointing Week

Well I am feeling kind of bummed out right now and hoping that with the sunrise and a new week ahead that things will progress along more this week than last.

Once again we had lots of rain, which of course delayed much of the work that is necessary to be completed outside. What does upset me is that there are things inside that still could have been completed but have been done as yet. I doing my best to be patient and understanding but at times I find it difficult because patience is not one of my better personality traits. I have to remember that my house is not the only construction job that they have going at this time. There is another little house they are working on which once they got into it turned out to have some major problems that no one had counted on. Consequently, more time and repairs are needed there than originally anticipated. The owner of the home moved out while they are working on the house and it is important to get him back in as soon as possible so of course the house has to take priority.

There were a few disappointments this past week. The electrician came back and changed out the 220 cord and outlet. The cord he originally used did not meet our city's code requirements. They also added the two electrical outlet switches to the lights out in the garage and storage area rather than leave them on pull chains. The City Electrical Inspector arrived on Friday and they still didn't pass final inspection because they forgot to change out the plug on the patio outside wall which was to be a GFI outlet! So once again they will have to return and change that out and call for an inspection again.

The plumbing inspector still hasn't come out to check the changes that he requested to be made on the installation of the water heater. In fact I don't even know if that has been requested to be done yet. I need to call Monte!

One of the men brought over the paint for doing the outside. I was kidding around with him and stated that maybe I needed to check it out just to make sure that they brought the right colors and it is a good thing I did because the gray paint was not the right shade. I had given them a very dark shade of gray, like deep charcoal gray and the color on the top of the can was very light gray! At least the light green shade for the shutters and trim was the right color.

Today I am going to take time to rearrange my bedroom back to where it belongs. I had pushed my bed over to the outside corner of the room so that they would have unobstructed access to both the windows in that room. I will need to once again unload the 2 bookcases before attempting to move them but that is not that big of a chore. It will seem good to once again put the room back in order. I notice that I am going to have some touch up painting to do...... now where is that can of raspberry color paint????

Friday, September 18, 2009

More Progress Made

The rest of the windows were installed yesterday! Of course I've already had one cat put little nose smudge prints all over the nice clean glass because she thought she could just jump on outside! The screens are so fine, you have to look super close to even realize that they are there! Little Bit saw a squirrel out on the lawn and I guess she figured she was going to have it for lunch. Boy did she get a surprise when her nose hit that glass. She ended up shaking her head as if in disbelief.

Friday, oh gosh it is Friday 4:33AM and I'm still up, the electrician is to return today to redo the part of the wiring that didn't pass inspection. Hopefully we will be able to get it all completed and then get the inspector back out here so that the dryer can be hooked up.

I have almost finished putting down the vinyl flooring in the laundry room. I am going to have to ask some of the fellas to help me move the washer over so I can complete the flooring under where it sits. I thought I was going to be able to move it by myself, but found out I am not quite as strong as I once was. The reality of old age is sitting in on me I am afraid.

I guess I better shut this down and get to bed if I am going to make it up in the next 3 hours to greet the day and the repair men!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I Can See Clearly Now!

Friday they started installing the new windows! YEAH!!!!
It was amazing to watch as they taped all the glass, went around the edges where they were placed into the metal window edges and then they were taken out! I totally expected they would have to break the glass but so far, not a single piece of glass has been broken. Now they have collapsed the metal frame that goes into the brick around the window frame opening, after the glass has been removed.

The new windows are so nice! The screen part is so fine, you can hardly tell there is a screen there at all. Also the windows will tip in so that I can clean the outside without having to remove the screen. That is such a nice feature. They are also double pane glass and have a high energy rating which will help keep the house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Monday they plan to come out and finish the last five windows but if it rains as predicted, I am sure they will have to wait until probably Tuesday or Wednesday.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We Were Changed Forever

September 11,2001

You didn't have to live back East to feel the impact of this day because the entire country trembled from coast to coast as we watched on television, listened on radio or by internet to the events unfold live before our very eyes.

Frantic phone calls were made to loved ones to be sure that they were safe and sound. Mothers scurried like hens to gather up their chicks and place them securely under their loving wings. There were more "I love yous" spoken and kisses given as children were tucked safely in their beds that night and longer times spent on bended knees or with heads bowed in prayer asking for God's protection and love in our country's hour of need and in the days to come.

The full range of emotions flooded through my being as I watched in horror. The planes hit the towers and the destruction that followed. Images of people covered with ash and soot running away from burning buildings, as firemen went past them the other way headed into the infernos that they were so desperately trying to escape from. My eyes filled with tears as I watched the destruction, the expressions on the faces of those who were escaping, thankful to be alive, but concerned about those left behind who did not make it out of those buildings. The firemen who knew this was bad, really really bad and inwardly praying they to would make it out alive as they pressed forward to look for survivors.

Anger followed when I learned of two more planes, one crashing into the Pentagon and another into a farmer's field because of the bravery of passengers who stood up and attempted to overtake their hijackers and if not to gain control of the aircraft from them, to divert them from their intended target, which by later reports appeared to be the White House itself.

I felt complete helplessness as I watched, glued to the television day after day. It was paralyzing, wondering what was going to happen next. Would there be more attacks in other parts of the county? Flashbacks of the Oklahoma City bombing began to race through my mind and then the calm came sweeping over me. I watched as people banned together in unity, like they did when we went through our tragedy. People from all over the country headed to New York to help at Ground Zero. After all we aren't called The United States for nothing!

I felt compassion and grief for families and friends as they gathered in areas near where the twin towers once stood, holding pictures of loved ones, shouting out to anyone who would listen " Have you seen this person" as they held their loved ones photos higher to be seen. Impromptu memorials sprung up on street corners and night time candle vigils were held.

Pride swelled within me as I watched sweat soaked firemen coming off their shifts through a street lined with people clapping and cheering for them, letting them know they appreciated all the work that they were doing attempting to find anyone alive or to retrieve the bodies of a loved one.

One image I will never forget is that of the priest who went in with the firefighters to give comfort and last rites to the victims and became a victim himself. The photograph of the firemen carrying this man of God, who sacrificed all, to give comfort to those in need, will forever be etched in my memory.

The other image I will remember will be the picture of the firemen raising the American Flag above the ruble. It reminded me of the flag being raised on Iwo Jima during World War II.

Let us not become complacent or arrogant thinking that this can never happen to us again. There have been other incidents in history that should never have been forgotten, or the "rough edges" taken off with the passage of time, but as years pass and people settle into "the new normal," acceptance and complacency begins to follow instead of vigilance.

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Getting Ready For Another Blog

Well folks, I am in the process of setting up another blog which will be to help those who are wanting to trace their family roots!
I will teach you how to develop your family tree, good places to do research on the web and how to interview your living relatives to gather information but I want to actually encourage you to do more than just list important data on a piece of paper or into a GEDCOM file on your computer.

My goal is to help bring your past history alive for you and for all the generations of your family who are yet to come! Your ancestors may be dead, buried in the ground, but they will become alive through you and the living history that you create! Genealogy and history go hand in hand and opens up an entire new appreciation for what your ancestors did to be brave enough to leave their homeland to venture forth to a new country.  In some cases, they were forced to leave and come here, many were forced into servitude. 

So get ready, get a notebook and a pen or pencil handy because we are about to start soon!  If you would like to be notified when this new blog is ready, please leave me a message at the end of this post and be sure to include your name and your email address so I may contact you.

Friday, September 4, 2009

New Flooring Going Down

Wednesday evening I started to lay the new flooring in the laundry room. You always start out by finding the center of your room, by taking measurements of the width and length of your room. Divide your measurements in half and that becomes your starting point. Lay out plumb lines in both directions and begin laying the first tile at the junction of these lines. All of your "self-stick" tile boxes will have instructions on the box, including how to cut your tiles when you get to the edges of you room.

By Thursday I had almost all of the room completed except for the tiles at the edge where I have to start the tedious part of cutting and fitting the final tiles that meet the walls. I do have to move the washing machine out so that I can tile underneath where it is sitting.  I will need to put the leveling feet onto pieces of cardboard so that when I move it I won't damage the surface of the new flooring. My goal is to get that done on Friday and then move it back into place.  I also want to get the edge tiles completed on the wall where the dryer will be placed so that will be done when the workers bring the dryer inside.

I would love it if I could begin painting out there this weekend but since the new sheetrocked wall is not textured yet and we won't be able to sheetrock the wall where the dryer is to go because of a problem there that didn't pass inspection, I think painting is going to have to be put off for a little bit. But who knows what might happen....... I am impulsive!

Shall We Dance?

Two Steps Forward and One Step Back!
We had both the electrical and plumbing inspectors scheduled to come out on Wednesday. Both showed up but I had run to the store quickly at about 3:30 posted a note I would be back in 5 and wouldn't you know it, the electrical inspector shows up while I am gone and we had to reschedule!

The plumbing inspector passed almost everything, but there were a few minor things that he needed to go over with Keith at the city about.

We rescheduled the electrical inspection for Thursday and then they called and asked to reschedule for Friday.

The electrical inspector just left and will be getting with Keith also regarding a couple of things that he wishes to discuss, so no approval there as yet.