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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kit Kat Antics

At my house there are four critters, three are cats of various ages and a parrot. There are days when I wonder who owns whom! They seem to take turns at who can be the most vocal, demanding of attention or obnoxious behavior.

Of my three cats Little Bit is the youngest and sometimes the most demanding of the three. She is the one who always wants to be loved on but only when SHE wants to be loved on. I swear I chased back and forth with her for over an hour trying to hold her down to cut some mats of hair on the side of her face. She is the only longhaired cat of the three. Now forget trying to use a brush on her because all you have to do is pull out a hairbrush to even brush your own hair and she runs and hides!

Last night I got so tickled at her. ABC news had spoken about the Bald Eagle live webcam set up in Decorah Iowa and gave a link for you to watch if you wanted to,. There are two chicks in the nest and one egg still needing to hatch. I figured I would go look at it. Therefore, I opened it up,, and started watching. My cats will often come in here and sit on the hassock, my lap or the back of my chair or even curl up on the edge of my desk. The next thing I know here is Little Bit, on my desk watching the monitor!  I thought surely she is not watching that eagle but low and behold, she was!  The bird would move, or make a noise, and you could watch her eyes and her head turn to follow the movement of the bird. She sat there, watched that for about thirty minutes before the eagle finally settled down in the nest, and went to sleep. Then Little Bit decided the show was over and left.

Kitty is my old lady of the group. She must be close to fifteen years old. She is a black and white and medium length haired cat. She is getting old and frail and likes to cuddle up and keep warm, so of course her favorite spot is on my lap or on the hassock. I will often throw a lap blanket over me at night and she will come up onto the hassock and want under the blanket. I hold it up for her and does she go under headfirst and turn around as most cats would?  Oh no, she backs in as if you would do if you were backing up a car.  She gets all the way under as far as to her ears and then lays down, tucking her front paws under her so prim and proper. She is my sweetie pie and loves to be petted and her ears rubbed.

Misty is technically my son’s cat, she is Siamese. I say technically because I’ve been her “guardian” and mother for several years now. He used to travel a lot on his job and there was never any one at home to care for her and Bradley, his parrot, so he brought them to me to care for. At first, I had just Bradley because he would go on short trips for just a few days at a time or else his neighbor would care for Misty.

Misty is a real love and enjoys being cuddled and loved on. She is also a lap cat but if this space is occupied, she will get up on the back of my chair, leaning more into and on me than on the back of the chair itself.  She is also the tattletale of the group. If the food dishes gets down to just nibbles and bits instead of full morsels of food, she comes to me and paws on my leg until I get up and follow her. She will start out towards the kitchen, turn to see if I am following her. If I am moving too slow to please her, she will meow in her little Siamese voice as if to say, “Get a move on it woman!”

I’ve always been an animal lover, be they big or small. From my first loves which were dogs to horses, cats,  ducks, birds you name it, I love them all.. I have always been a “rescuer” of critters from the time I was little.

Fortunately, everyone gets along well with each other. Of course, if they were out in the same room at the same time Bradley is out of his cage it might be another story!