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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Where Art Thou Spring?

My poor little jonquils have had their leaves poking up out of the ground for weeks now and they just continue to get iced and snowed on!I am wondering if they have been killed off by all of this or if I will be blessed with their pretty yellow flowers here in a few more weeks.

We are so anxious for spring around here it isn't funny.  I am so tired of gloomy gray skies,snow and rain. We actually bit the bullet the other day and began our seedling plantings indoors.  We have rows and rows of herbs as well as bell peppers in little yogurt cups sitting on the window ledge in the kitchen. So far I guess the cats have decide that window is now off limits as no one has attempted to jump up there and into the middle of them all sending seeds and cups scattering all over the floor. 

We will be planting some additional produce seeds here this week.Potatoes and radishes will be planted this week I think. Most likely we will have to start them indoors also, since it looks like there is still at least one more round of snow headed towards Oklahoma.Tips for Creating An Aromatic Herb Garden

Once it warms up, we will be planting in some regular flowerbeds and then hope to also do some one foot gardening as well as some in pots.Western Garden Book of Edibles: The Complete A-Z Guide to Growing Your Own Vegetables, Herbs, and Fruits

Ya'll need to let me know what you are planting and let me know what is happening with your gardens.

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