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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Men really are from Mars and Women from Venus

I swear, as long as I have lived and have had men in and out of my life, I am beginning to think that most of them are made from the very same mold! At least when it comes to communication skills that is.

"We'll be there to work tomorrow" .... well does that mean at 8AM or 10AM or more like 1PM?

When they show up, most of the time they don't ring the door bell to let me know that they are here. All of a sudden I hear noises out on my patio and look out the window to catch a glimpse of one of them laying down their utility bag! It's just a good thing that I'm not a gun-toten' granny or they would end up with buckshot in their behinds! A shoot first, ask questions later type of gal!

Then of course when they leave, do I ever hear "good bye" or a word as to if I am gonna see them tomorrow or several days from now? They just quietly pack up their things and steal away. At least the do lock the back door!

If I sound angry, I really am not, I just have to laugh because I keep telling my daughters that they have to TELL their husbands what they want done around the house, or the help that they need with the children. Don't expect them to be mind readers because they aren't, they are totally clueless unless you explicitly tell them!

When we started this project, I did make it clear to the General Contractor that communication with me was of paramount importance because I have a daughter who is having a difficult pregnancy and I will need to go out and help her and may need to be called away at a moment's notice. Evidently that communication went by the wayside as it went down the chain of command! I guess tomorrow me and the crew are gonna have a little talk here as to what is expected in the way of communication!

As you can tell, we are running over schedule, they were supposed to be done with this project yesterday. I continue to try to be patient realizing that you have to work around other projects and the rains.

Quite a bit was accomplished today with extra workers here to assist with the painting of the primer coat on the outside of the house. Part of the new utility closet for the water heater was constructed and they did get the washing machine moved so that I can finish up laying the vinyl floor squares and then they can return the washer to where it belongs tomorrow.

I have put together my "punch list" of the things that still need to be finished and I hope I haven't missed anything. I do know that Keith from the City will be coming by shortly with his list and checking off things also so at least we will have two of us comparing items.

Okay, I am off to go finish laying the flooring, check back in with you tomorrow.... maybe at 8ish or 10ish but who knows, it could be more like after noon!

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