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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Blue Blue Monday!

Ok, so it is actually more than just a blue blue Monday! It is all week long and the week isn't over yet.

I was told by one of the workmen that they would be here on Monday to start the painting on the outside of the house. Monday came and went, no workers showed and no phone call. Tuesday same thing. On Wednesday one of the workers showed up about 10ish to retrieve some tools that he had left in the laundry room in anticipation of returning this week and since it was the same person who told me they were going to start painting, I asked what had happened. I was told that they were running way behind on the other job and that it would be 3-4 days before they were able to get over here to work. Well, that is all well and good, I can be patient but a phone call would sure have been nice to tell me of the change in plans! I have a hard time being patient but under my present circumstances (with a daughter having problems with preterm labor and a baby that doesn't want to wait till her due date) I am on pins and needles and would like to be able to make plans to help her when possible. I kept my cool, waited till later that afternoon and called the general contractor. We had a friendly discussion and told him once again how important it is that they notify me of their plans to either show up or not show up as scheduled.

On Thursday, the general contractor came over to the house and we talked about the reconstruction of the cabinet for the water heater closet. He also took time to hook up the connection from the back of the dryer to the outside wall vent (which the electrician forgot to do) so that I can at least once again start using my dryer.

I explained to Monte that there were some major changes with my daughter at her appointment on Wednesday and that the doctor feels that the new baby granddaughter may not wait much longer to be born. She will be 34 weeks along if she makes it to next Wednesday and the doctor feels that will be doubtful. I told my neighbor across the street today that I have a feeling that the baby will be born this weekend......... little did I know until I came home and looked at the calendar that Sunday, October 4th is a full moon and I don't care what anyone tells you about it being an old wives' tale, but it is true, more babies are born during the full moon than any other time. So I will keep you posted to see if this old grandma is right or not.

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