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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Decorating For Men

One of the things that I tend to forget is that there are many single men out there with homes of their own and they prefer an entirely different style of decorating.

A certain young man in my life is in the process of making some major changes in his life. There will be a new job and a new place to call home and he is now single so will be wanting to make this a more masculine bachelor pad.

So what should come in my emails today but one from one of my favorite decorating sites and they are doing several articles on Decorating for Men.  Perfect timing!

Now I know that my son loves Craftsman style homes (example of a great one from the house plan shop)

and he likes Frank Lloyd Wright style homes.  He also likes heirlooms as well as furnishings with clean cut lines so I guess you could sorta call him an Eclectic decoratoring style.  He has some things that he just won't part with, like his great grandfather's bookcases with the glass slide up fronts that were originally in his Judge chambers and then moved to the house when he retired.  There is also a small little dresser that belonged to his great great grandmother that he also will not part with. Family history and heritage are very important to him so I am sure that these things will be reflected in his home.

He is going to have a great time decorating his new home to fit his personality and needs. He's a Texan and enjoys the wide open spaces and horses!  Since he is very much into "green building" I am sure that he will use many items in his new home that meet that criteria.  In the article above, I happened to see some things that he would probably love to adapt into his home.  I love the way that a huge poster was made out of a handwritten envelope that was written by the man's great grandmother to her uncle.  I also liked the pillows that were used outdoors on the bench that were made out of antique blankets!

I am sure that his new home will be very interesting indeed since he is an architect and has a wonderful eye for color, balance, and design I am sure it will be very attractive and functional.  I will do a follow up article on this as he finds his new "digs" and starts the decorating process.

I can see him decorating with comfortable over-sized leather chairs and sofa in his living room, lots of bookcases to hold all of his books and heavy based large brass lamps on the end tables.

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