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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

AMBER ALERT......... Please Read

The Oklahoma FBI is searching for Aja Danielle Johnson, white female, age 7, born 1/5/2003. She is 4 feet tall, brown hair and eyes, 65 pounds.

Police are looking for Lester William Hobb, white male, age 46, born 2/20/63, 6’1”, brown hair (receding hair line), green eyes, 190 pounds. Possible moustache and goatee, with tattoos: Tony, left forearm and wings on his chest. He is considered extremely dangerous, and may be armed.

The abduction took place in Geronimo, OK., enroute to Rockport, TX.

Hobbs is driving a white 1995 Toyota Paseo with Oklahoma license plate number: 577bpw. He was last heard from in Geronimo, OK.

Aja is considered to be in grave danger and immediate danger. Anyone either in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, Arizona, California or oregon that sees this man and/or car are asked to call the Oklahoma FBI at 1-800-522-8017 and your local Sheriff or Police Department.


An Amber Alert was called for all over the state of Texas and within hours it was lifted. This gave rise that the girl was found, and Hobbs arrested, but that wasn’t the case, and still isn’t.

The Amber Alert is only used in conjunction with other states when it is felt/believed the missing child may be in their state, otherwise no alerts are given. This is why I, and a couple friends here feel strongly about a National Amber Alert, that stays in full force until the missing child is found and returned home before it may become far too late.

So I propose this to you, and challenge you to do the right thing. Take what I have written, go door-to-door in your neighborhoods, get signatures, as many as you can when you have the available time. Enlist friends and family to help. A minimum of 1,000 signatures for small towns/communities, and a minimum of 5,000 for medium sized cities, and 20,000 or more for heavily populated areas. That, or set your own number/goal, for where you want this to be. Online petitions have no merit, but in this way, it’s many voices being heard at one time.

From there, mail out notorized copies of the petition,  with signatures to local city council members, State Representatives, Senators The Attorney General’s Office and the Office of the Governor of your respective state.

This Amber Alert can be for the entire North American Continent, so those of you in Canada should do the same thing. It’s the right thing to do.

Kids are the life-blood parents pour their heart and soul into, and no matter how hard parents do their very best, sometimes even then, the best just isn’t good enough. It takes less than a minute to abduct a child, and often, days, weeks, months; a lifetime to ever find and return them home again.

Post this on your blogs, make others aware. It’s time to stop the face’s on the milk cartons. It’s time to stop the fears of if he/she is still alive. It’s time we set a standard that we won’t take it any longer.

**********To Whom It May Concern:
The undersigned do hereby demand that a National Amber Alert for missing and exploited child(ren) be immediately passed by law, by each individual state and by both the House of Representatives and Congress post haste. This Amber Alert, when issued, is not to be rescinded by any state until the child(ren) is found and returned home.


That’s all you need, that, and the ability to state your case to those you ask to sign which can’t be difficult.

Those of you in Canada, can change the wording where appropriate to get the point across.

I am not sure what the laws are regarding other countries around the globe, but those of you in other parts of the world, if you see the need for this, then apply it as you see fit.

No parent should have to bare witness to the humiliation of their child at the hands of a complete stranger, yet alone one the child may know.

No parent should have to bury their own child.

It’s time to stop this insanity

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