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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spotlighting House Plans from The House Plan Shop

Two Story Farmhouse
I want to show you some of the other wonderful houses from The House Plan Shop website that might give you some ideas about a house that you would like to either build or own some day. I will be doing some interior decorating hints on how to decorate these particular types of homes as each is individual in their style.

Of course first I wish to show you a lovely 2 story farm house, with its large front porch to enjoy. You will use casual type furnishings, harvest type tables, rocking chairs, overstuffed sofas and chairs in practical fabrics or leathers and in many cases often slip-covered. You can click on the picture above to be taken to their website to see the floor plan if you desire.

Craftsman Style home
You will notice the structure change in the posts and pillars, which are typical of the Craftsman design. Many people in the Midwest and East are familiar with this style of home. Typical decorating for this house is comfortable, usually dark wood and practical fabric on chairs and sofas. Usually very informal type of decorating is used. They have a very easy flowing floor plan that many people really like. Again, you may click on the house plan and it will take you to their website.

European Style
This style of home is usually very formal, both in interior decorating and in the exterior landscaping. Elegant fabrics are utilized in materials for furniture as well as in draperies. Chandeliers are at home in the entrance way and in the dining room. Bathrooms will have beautiful fancy tubs and sinks with elaborately styled faucets. Deep plush carpet, fancy marble and tile also abound in this home. You may click on the picture to go to their website.

The Mother In Law Quarters or Carriage House
This great little house can sit at the back of you property to house a mother in law or to be used as a rental property.Because the unit is small, utilize a lot of self-storage type furnishings, possibly some built-in's and smaller furniture. You will want to use at least one large piece of furniture as a focal point.

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