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Sunday, February 19, 2012

What Have You Been Doing?

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’ve actually been working on accomplishing my New Year’s Resolutions.

Getting Organized

The big one for me, since I’m also in the process of downsizing my house. Trying to decide what I really am willing to part with has been difficult to say the least!  The one thing I have to remember is that I just won’t have the room for it all in an apartment. 

This next week, I am going to schedule a day when I can go look at some local apartments and get a feel for how much room is actually there to work with. Even though I’ve drawn out several layouts on paper and arranged furniture, actually seeing the space should help more in my decisions of what to keep and what to get rid of. I’m also thinking that psychologically it is going to be a good thing, bringing me closer to the realization that this has to be done.  We all fear the unknown, it is a known fact, so the more I can prepare myself the better off I’m going to be.

I’ve already boxed up many of my books, "knack-knacks" and craft supplies but I’m afraid I am going to need to go through everything and let go of even more than I already have. At least I know that they will be going to new homes as I’m either giving things to the Salvation Army or listing them on free cycle.

So how are you doing?  Are you getting that “Spring Fever” cleaning feeling yet? I’d like to know what all you are doing around your house.

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