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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Big Changes Are Coming!

What a challenge I am facing. Downsizing a 1250 sq ft home with 14 years of accumulated “stuff” to fit into an approximately 600 sq ft apartment. No easy chore but one that has to be done.

Getting rid of things and clearing out things has been good for the soul. I’ve been able to send some things off to people who can really use certain items and others have been donated to my favorite charity, The Salvation Army.

I’ve already been able to pack away many items and have them in boxes, neatly labeled with their contents, stacked in the spare bedroom closet.
As I get closer to moving time I will have even more things to get rid of and may even need to reevaluate the items that I have packed and plan to take with me.

It is a good thing that I have always been a believer in using furniture that can store items or serve multiple purposes. I’ve got many bookcases which are going to come in very handy not only for all my books but for my nick-knacks as well.

I do need to be sure that the apartment complex will not object to hanging my artwork on the walls and putting up curtains and rods in addition to the Venetian blinds that are currently on the windows. I do worry about having enough closet space for storing linens and out of season or seldom used items. Let’s just hope it all fits!

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