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Saturday, March 26, 2011

That's It, I've Had It!

No more attempts at making Sour Dough Bread using a natural starter without any yeast!  In fact, I am going back to anything but Sour Dough from now on! I have tried and tried repeatedly and the loaf before this one came out hard as a rock  or a brick, whichever you want to compare it to!  Reminded me of the very first attempt I made at baking just plain regular old bread when I first got married!  Poor new husband, didn't know he married a woman who could barely boil water without burning it!  I do think that the first "french fried eggs" I made for him sorta gave that fact away though!  Anyway, back to the bread, I didn't start that project until late in the evening, and when it said to punch it down, put it into the bread pans and let it rise again, I didn't do that. I figured it could rise as it cooked!  Needless to say, I had two wonderful bricks in about an hour!

That is how I am feeling about this Sour Dough Bread at the moment. Now mind you, I've tried several different recipes from several different cookbooks and I really do know how to read instructions. So much for trying to be economical and make bread without having to use yeast all the time. I made an Artisan Loaf tonight, the outer crust was so hard I almost broke the bread knife trying to slice into it. Once I got it cut, the inside is gummy and gooey and it cooked for 45 minutes like the instructions said!  Oh well, back to the bread maker in the morning!

I hope the birds will eat it! 

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