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Monday, June 7, 2010

Sundays Country Cottage blog

Summer has arrived I guess!

It was hot hot hot here in "Okie" land today! The last I heard, it did make it to 100 in some cities and it made it to 97 here where I live. It was a good day to stay inside, laze around and eat ice cream.

I had visions of getting out early this morning and working on the backyard but that went out the window real quick!

I have some weeds that I swear are growing into small trees! I'm going to need a hatchet to chop them down rather than pruning scissors if I don't get out there and get them cut back. As it is, there is no way the electric lawnmower is going to chop them down.

My tomatoes look like they are doing great, they didn't wilt at all today in this heat. I thought for sure they would be but they appear to have done just fine. Since we only have a slight chance of rain tomorrow night, I am going to go out and give them some water in the morning. No sign yet of any potatoes trying to break ground, I am anxious for those to sprout.

Oh oh, I just thought of some seeds I forgot to get. Watermelons and I am sure it is too late to try and plant any of those. I guess I need to go check out some gardening websites and see.

I went out after it cooled off some (to a whopping 90) and since rain was taken out of our forecast for tonight, I went ahead and watered the garden an my new lilac bush. I even attempted to pull some of those tall weeds, to no avail. I tried cutting the stems with scissors, that didn't work either! So I guess it is going to take something more drastic to get them out of there. I did manage to get up some of the dried up burr weeds. Should have thought twice about pulling them with bare hands because now I have some of the stickers in my hands.

It looks like we are in for another hot day tomorrow and like it or not, I do have to go to the tag agency and get the tags for my car. Thank goodness there is a/c in the car and I am sure I'll end up having to use it. Get out early and scoot home and take it easy the rest of the day until the sun goes down.

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