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Monday, April 19, 2010

Just A Short Note

I'm sorry I haven't put any entries on here for a couple of weeks but things have been a might hectic around here lately.

What appeared to be allergies and spring colds actually has turned out to be something a little bit more serious. Besides coughing, sneezing and wheezing I actually ended up with no voice! Do you know how hard it is to keep a woman from talking? Try the word impossible!

I am on the mend now but I have been through my medicine cabinet of good old fashioned home remedies.

For a cough - equal portions of honey and cider vinegar mixed together. Take a Tablespoon as needed

Cough at night and chest congestion - smear Vicks vapor rub on your feet, put on cotton socks as you crawl into bed. * Don't laugh this is probably one of the best ones and it really really works.

Sore Throat - hot tea with lemon. Gargle with salt water.

Get out the book on reflexology and start hitting all the pressure points in both your hands and your feet.

I was about to give up and submit to conventional medicine (which in case you haven't guessed already I detest) when a friend suggest mega amounts of grapefruits and oranges mixed together and eat at least 3 large bowls full a day for a minimum of 2 days. Today is day #2 and I feel 100% better. I actually have most of my voice back and hopefully when I wake in the morning it will be totally there again.

So my apologies, I will be making some new blog entries here soon.

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