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Friday, November 13, 2009

Granddaughter Has Arrived

Sorry to be so late on bringing everyone up to date, been a might busy around here lately!

Little Allison Grace has arrived.... all 8 lbs 1 oz of her! She's healthy, got a great set of lungs on her when she is hungry or wet and a very good baby per her mom!

There were many prayers said over this little gal, since she was 23 weeks in the making! My daughter was required to go on bed rest just before all this project started on the house. The Doctor was actually very surprised that she made it to her projected induction date. Delivery went quick and easy and for that we are all thankful and blessed.

I am working now on getting all the little odds and ends done around here that were not in the contracted work. The laundry room has been painted and I am working on the baseboards in the living room. I should have those done this weekend.

The other day when it was so nice out, I went out and scraped down the paint on the patio beams that need to be painted. If weather continues to be nice this next week, I will get that done before winter sets in.

The old utility room out on the patio, where the dryer used to be, has now all been reorganized and is neat and tidy. A good place to put the lawnmower and a bunch of things that can be stored outside.

I am going to take one of the pieces of plywood that is left over and put it up across the rafters in the new laundry room attic access and store some things up there! I am not going to know what to do with all this new found space.

Would you believe I actually hung pictures on the wall in my laundry room? It really makes it feel very cozy in there! I also moved a bunch of my craft supplies out there on shelving, which is great. There are also other shelves out there now too for canned goods for a pantry area and I won't have to use my kitchen cupboards for that any more. There is also room to store big things like the soup pot, crock pot and the electric skillet. What seemed like a really large room has shrunk in size once all the shelves have been put in place and I still have more to go, to be hung on the wall over the washer to store detergent and laundry supplies on.

I also need to work on sanding down the top edge of the bedroom closet door, it is still sticking because of the house settling. It will be nice to be able to shut it and know that I can also get it back open. Gotta love the Oklahoma clay soil, it causes all kinds of settling problems with your house.

The front flower beds are still naked as a jay bird since we pulled out all the ivy that was once again attempting to climb up the front of the house. If I don't hurry up and get some perennial bulbs planted in there before winter sets in, I will have to wait till spring and go from there. I am having a horrible time trying to decide what flowers I want in there. Since I am partial to pink, lavender and purple, I am sure that will be the colors I will pick to go in there against the red brick.

If anyone has some good suggestions of what to plant I would love to hear from you. Central Oklahoma is zone 7A and I love flowers and bushes of all kinds. The front of the house faces North so the flowerbeds get only partial sun in the afternoons. I am looking for plants that I can plant once and forget! I am not one to do annuals.

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