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Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Cleanup Time

I don't know about anyone else, but Monday is not the day for me to start any new projects. I have too much to pickup and clean up from the weekend. So what I do is use this as my general "pick it up" make it presentable day!

I'm one of these people who at least have to have a cup of coffee under my belt before I function. So first order of business is start the coffee pot. I sit down with a "To Do" list while enjoying that cup of coffee and then off to work I go.

Throw a load of clothes into the washer. While it is washing, I go ahead and change out the kitty litter boxes for my feline roommates and then change the cage so Bradley is content and happy. There is nothing worse than a cranky parrot!

I grab the broom, dust pan and dust mop and get the floor cleaned up. I don't have carpets so it goes quickly.

Grab the mop bucket and cleaner and mop all my floors.

By now that first load of clothes is ready to switch to the dryer and if i have another load, which I usually do, pop it into the washer.

By now, all the floors are dry and I can venture into the bathroom and give it a quick once over, cleaning the sink, mirror, tub and toilet.

Time to run in and make the bed and pick up any odds and ends that need to be put back in place in the bedroom. Sometimes I don't always hang up things or put things away, so now is the time to get that done.

By now, I should have a good many things checked off my "To Do" list and the first load of clothes should be ready to come out of the dryer, be folded and put away and the second load taken out of the washer and moved to the dryer.

I usually can accomplish all this well before noon, or at least by noon, depending on what time I got up.

One room in my house really gets a lot of clutter in it and that is my home office. I do so many things in there and it somehow always ends up being the one place that really needs deep cleaning at least twice a month. Since once I start on the office, I find myself spending a lot of time getting things organized in there, I will go ahead and start something in the crockpot for dinner and usually start a loaf of homemade bread in my breadmaker (it takes about 3 hrs to cook) and those will all be about done by the time I have finished working in the office.

Goulash sounds good and I can make enough to last several days which is great because I don't like to do a lot of cooking. The simpler it is the more I like it! I will make a section here in the blog for the recipes I like to use, since others like quick easy meals also. Be sure to let me know how you like them.

Once the office is picked up, then I can grab that second load of laundry and get it folded.

Now I should be able to spend a couple hours working here at the computer before I take a dinner break and then I can come back later on and work in here some more, either finish putting away all the paperwork I generated while working on genealogy or other things.

By tomorrow I should be ready to tackle the kitchen, for a good major clean up, toss out day. Come back and join me for some ideas that might help you to do the same.

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